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Quality Control

Our company is ISO 9001-(2008) certified. We designed our system to minimize the possibility of errors in the manufacturing process by:

• Series of safeguards • Employee involvement • Sophisticated measuring equipment• Written procedures for every process from receiving customer orders through the packaging & shipping of our products.

Inspection Capability

Our inspection depvartment is fully equipped with the latest equipments for measuring our products in process and when completed. 

These include:

• Caliper---tolerance:xx+/-0.02mm • Micro-caliper ---xx+/-0.01mm 

• Thread micro-meter----+/-0.01mm • Caliper gauge--+/-0.01mm 

• Pin gauge---+/-0.01mm• Height gauge--+/-0.01mm 

• CMM---+/-0.001mm  • Quadratic element ---+/-0.01mm


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