What we do

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We offer a wide range of custom services, delivering quantities from one-off prototypes to short-run production services. This includes bridge-to-production projects while our clients are having production tooling made. We also offer secondary in-house services including drilling, tapping, removal of ribs and bosses, painting and pad printing.


Our machined plastic prototypes accurately represent injection molded parts.prototyping applications,prototyping business analysis

Cnc milling

cnc milling has several advantages over other manufacturing processes.cnc milling machine price,cnc milling advantages,cnc milling applications,cnc milling machine

Cnc turning

CNC turning provides an economical way to make parts that are commonly symmetrical about an axis of revolution.cnc turning applications,cnc turning material

Plastic molding

plastic Injection molding provides low cost at moderate to large quantities.plastic injection molding applications,plastic injection molding process


We specialize in various types of marine fabrication-fabrication engineering,fabrication equipment,fabrication factory,fabrication manufacturing


We are die casting machine Manufacturer & Supplier-casting materials,die casting applications,die casting machine,die casting advantages


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We have one set automatic assembly line which assure the timely assembly to fulfill the request of different products from various customers.


We produce a variety of high quality finishing machines-metal finishing machines,custom Finishing machines,finishing equipment machines