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Making pressure die-cast parts requires expert advice and close on-site monitoring. From project planning to tool making to die casting of parts – our pressure die casting experts will support you throughout the entire project. In China, we are one of the only providers of this level of expertise, service, and quality and our prices are below any quotation from the US, Europe, or Canada.

When producing parts, a variety of polymers are available including thermoforming plastics, thermosets and some elastomers. Mold tools and the injection process are both carefully engineered to match the unique requirements of each material in order to produce the highest quality finished parts. Thermoforming plastics are relatively softer, more flexible, less durable, and easily recycled whereas thermosetting plastics are more rigid, durable and expensive and cannot be repaired or recycled once formed. Find out more about materials you can choose from by looking out our materials sheet and tolerance guide.

Pressure die casting is ideal for making multiple copies up to hundreds of thousands of pieces with high surface quality finish. Tooling can also be made to apply a textured surface to your finished parts. Read more about pressure die casting or contact our team for a quote and to talk about your next project.

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