Cnc turning

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CNC Turning

If you need online CNC turning we are one of the most capable and affordable sources and we can get the job done right. We stock a wide variety of materials, use state-of-the-art machines and diligently follow all design specifications. We continually strive to improve and optimize our processes and maximize customer convenience. Our customers range from inventors to businesses to government agencies. We are focused on quality and customer service.

CNC turning produces parts by "turning" rod material and feeding a cutting tool into the turning material. On a lathe the material to be cut rotates while a cutter is fed into the rotating workpiece. The cutter can be fed at a variety of angles and many tool shapes can be used.

CNC turning provides an economical way to make parts that are commonly symmetrical about an axis of revolution.

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CNC Turning

Our state-of-the-art Mori Seiki and HAAS CNC Lathes utilize live tooling, which “mills and drills” your parts while they’re being turned. This helps cut down on secondary operations, delivering your parts faster and helping to reduce cost.


Turning Capabilities Snapshot

Machining from 1/16” to 13 ½“ in diameter

Up to 4th & 5th axis programming

Live tooling, angled hole drilling

Conventional turning operations from 1/64” to 24” in diameter