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Prototyping & Engineering

We are happy to provide CAD Services independent of our other offerings. The databases we build can be used internally to create the machined parts you need, or sent back to you for use by another prototyping or tooling vendor.

We work with a variety of current Computer Aided Design (CAD) packages and can work with many forms of input, from sketch to preliminary engineering database assemblies, to create the geometry needed for your project. We can import and export multiple file formats and typically use Siemens NX (NX Unigraphics), an advanced CAD/CAM/CAE software package.

Benefits of Prototypes

Show your customers and investors a model of your product

Demonstrate the appearance, dimensions and features of your product

Test your design for its suitability

Save time and money by identifying and reducing design flaws

Improve and streamline the production process

Reduce your work load when the time comes to manufacture

Create multiple versions with different colors, surface textures, etc.

1 to 200+ CNC Machined Parts Shipped In 5 to 10 Days


•3-D printing •Engineering Design 
•Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) •Other Engineering Services 
•Drop on Demand Fused Dep Model (FDM) •Product & Package Design
•Select Laser Sinter (SLS)•Prototyping Design
•Stereolithography (SLA)•Reverse Engineering
•Trad Model Making •Testing Services